We love lists over here at Two Bibliomaniacs!  nope, other way... over here.

Anyway, through our obsessive participation in Top 10 Tuesday over at
The Broke and the Bookish we’ve amassed an impressive number of our own lists spanning an impressive array of categories. Take a look at the links and tell us what we’ve missed and where we're wrong....

Erin's Top 25 List

Evan's Top 25 List

Top 10 "Awww" Moments in Literature

Top 10 authors we'd love to meet

Top 10 Authors who Deserve more Recognition

Top 10 Best Books Never Before Highlighted During Top 10 Tuesday

Top 10 Book Character Family Members

Top 10 Book Covers that Inspired a Purchase

Top 10 book endings that left us with our mouth hanging open

Top 10 Bookish Technology Stuff

Top 10 books on our TBR list this fall

Top 10 books tackling tough issues

Top 10 Books that have been recommended to us

Top 10 Books that should be in a Beach Bag

Top 10 Books That Should Be Movies

Top 10 books we loved but never wrote a review

Top 10 Books We Want to Reread

Top 10 Characters names we’d give our kids

Top 10 Coziest Places to Read

Top 10 Debut Novels

Top 10 Dynamic Duos

Top 10 Favorite (very) Minor Characters

Top 10 Favorite Love Stories

Top 10 Halloween Reads

Top 10 Inspirational Fictional Characters

Top 10 Literary Best Friends

Top 10 meanest females in books

Top 10 Meanest Males in Books

Top 10 Most Intimidating Books

Top 10 novels teens should be required to read

Top 10 Rebels in Literature

Top 10 Settings from Literature

Top 10 Books we had to buy... but are still unread

Top 10 books we wished we’d read as kids

Top 10 Blogging / Bookish Resolutions

Top 10 Underrated Books