Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Top 10 Tuesday - Coziest Places to Read

Yeaaa!  It’s our new favorite day of the week – Top 10 Tuesday!  Head on over to The Broke and the Bookish to join the fun.

This week’s Question:  Coziest Places to Read/Favorite Places to Read 

For us cozy = quiet, which rules out any high traffic areas.  Some people are able to read with the television, radio, and kids all blaring at the same time – not us.  Additionally, we both suffer from fidgety body syndrome and one of us suffers from extreme inflexibleness, which unfortunately rules out a stone park bench in central park or leaning against a tree inside Yosemite National Park for any length of time.  Not gonna happen.  Therefore, it is with less inspiration than we had hoped that we reveal our top 10 coziest places to read:

  1. Sitting in a comfortable folding chair at the beach – We’re from Indiana so anytime we can combine ocean, sand, and reading – we’re totally there.
  2. Lying on a towel at the beach – As you can see a trend is starting to form.  The beach provides very favorable reading conditions for us, especially this time of year. 
  3. Walking by the shoreline at the beach – You’ll have to ignore the annoyed expressions of passersby, but we found this to be a very pleasant experience.  Audio books also work well here.  (Okay, we’ll be done with the beach theme!)
  4. Bathtub – We’ve read many books in this environment and only one paperback suffered a horrible watery death.
  5. On the floor in our home library – We really need to add a set of comfortable chairs in this room…
  6. In bed – Reading under the covers with a flashlight as a child kicked off our torrid love affair with this local.
  7. Living Room Couch – This is probably our most utilized reading spot and maybe our most comfortable. 
  8. Toilet – Yes, this made the list and we’re not ashamed to admit it (at least one of us isn’t).
  9. Sitting in a folding chair on the back patio – The view is hardly inspirational, but fresh air and books go hand in hand.
  10. Driving to work – 90 minute commute time = lots of audio book.  Over the course of three years, we’ve (Evan) only ran one stoplight.  (The un-witnessed infraction occurred near the conclusion of The Kite Runner, which we think makes it forgivable…)

Have a great week of the list and be sure to leave a comment so we can check out your list.  Oh, and if we haven’t mentioned it before, we’re very fond of followers on this blog – give us a try and we’ll be sure to return the favor! 


  1. The only places I read are in bed and on the toilet and I usually fall asleep in either place, so I'd have to rank them at equal levels of coziness.

  2. Nice list! I can't do the reading in a bathtub. I like my books in near pristine condition and I'm far too clumsy to trust myself

  3. I agree - the beach the the most perfect place! :)

  4. I'm glad there are others who like to read on the floor! The beach is also a great option, though I've not been to the beach in a few years now, and I haven't read on a beach in even longer. Otherwise I would have included it in my list!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  5. Nice list! Your on Shlefari? I'll have to add you guys! We since to have a lot of books in common ;)
    I LOLed at number 8!

  6. Toilet! You crack me up so much!

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I wonder what it says that putting reading on the toilet on the list never even occurred to me. I'm glad you have that one. :)

  8. I haven't read on a beach for so long! I used to go a lot in early high school but haven't been on a regular basis for many years now. Of course I am whiter than Caspar and scared of the powerful sun here so that may be why! But I used to read a lot there when I did go.

  9. #8 made me laugh! I don't frequent the beach very often, but I do like to read there. There's really peaceful beaches here in So-Cal that have benches overlooking the cliffs. It's perfect to sit there, or in the grassy area, and read while listening to the waves.

  10. First off, thanks for visiting my blog today. It was a welcome surprise so I came by here to visit you. Now, I'm planning on following you and adding you on Shelfari too. Very cool!

    Nice list! I like the beach, audio books and with your statement about only one paperback suffering a watery death perhaps I'll give that environment another try. Also, how did I forget the toilet?! Definately one of the best when you're hiding from the kids. Another thing I need to try now is a flashlight under the covers - how did I miss out on this ritual? I did have many book lights as a child though. It's one thing I remember always asking Santa to bring me. Thanks for a trip down memory lane as well as fun places to read. :)

  11. Bahahh! I'm so happy you included the toilet. I will admit that one as well!

    LOVE reading on the beach!

  12. Great list! I haven't tried reading in a bathtub, but it sure sounds nice! haha Toilet, that's great! My occasional vice, now that I think of it.:)

  13. Love the list - Bed, Toilet and during my commute are my top 3 :)
    The Name of the Rose is supposed to be good, will be picking up after this, after a break, naturally.
    I'm sure the ending of this Umberto Eco will be worth it.

  14. The toilet that got a laugh out of me, and so did the last one with the running a light. I've say at green lights because of reading, but never for more then a few seconds. :)