Thursday, January 19, 2012

Start Something that Matters

Start Something That MattersStart Something That Matters – Blake Mycoskie
Evan’s ESS = 8 out of 10
Erin’s ESS = 8 out of 10
Content = PG (Thinking outside the Box, Shoes, Inspirational stories) 

“One day when I own a house, I’ll keep a full library of books.  Books are different from other possessions – they’re more like friends.”

“A leader can create a Company, but a community creates a movement.”

Why: One of us entered this book a skeptic.  The other entered wearing her own pair of TOMS.  To further set the stage, normally, when it comes to non-fiction reviews, we here at Two Bibs respond with a resounding, “homey don’t play that”!  Yet, we’re even bigger suckers for a free book.  Keep reading and you might also find yourself a recipient of your own free book...    

Start Something that Matters tells the story of Blake Mycoskie and his quest to start something that matters.  While on a rare vacation in Argentina an idea started that would spawn a movement.  TOMS Shoes was quickly born, along with the company’s One for One philosophy: “With every pair purchased, TOMS will give a pair of new shoes to a child in need.”  The novel explores Blake’s journey to set up a new kind of company and helps set the roadmap for others to start something that matters.  

At the heart of TOMS is a great story.  It seems only fitting that Start Something That Matters is also filled with countless great stories (seriously we could count, but hopefully you’ve come to expect nothing less from this blog).  No two are alike, yet each account was about individuals harnessing their entrepreneurial spirit to start organizations that have a positive impact on the world.  There were examples of large organizations like charity: water, which helps distribute clean drinking water to those in need, and examples of much smaller organizations, like SENDaBALL, which mails handwritten notes on balls to people as a unique gift idea.

Start Something that Matters can be read in one or two sittings and will provide plenty of career food for thought.  The concepts aren’t wildly unique, but seeing them combined together in a flourishing business model that balances charity and profit was inspirational.  Plus, the maturation of TOMS was incredibly interesting.  Everything from company culture to maximizing resources was discussed.  And just when you’re ready to think up an excuse why starting your own something that matters won’t work, Blake drops a quick “overcoming obstacles” story that inspires you all over again. 

Sorry to go all Tony Robbins for the past two paragraphs, but this topic seems to have us both charged up.  Plus, in the spirit of One for One, we received a review copy along with a second to give away.  Sooooo, it is with great excitement that we can officially preannounce a giveaway of Start Something That Matters (Official announcement and details will follow tomorrow).

Now, what type of business could we start???  Hmm, maybe we need to head on down to Argentina and drink a nice big glass of Malbec wine...

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  1. I love my TOMS but definitely had my doubts about the book. Sounds like they were possibly wrong...

    I'd start a bookstore that has a bar and ice cream parlor inside. I guess for every margarita ordered we could donate a margarita to the needy. Or something like that...