Tuesday, November 15, 2011

First Official Reading Challenge of 2012!!!

Once again it’s that glorious time of year when we get to map out our reading goals for the upcoming year.  There are several reading challenges we plan to sign up for in 2012, but the first one that caught our attention was The Sir Terry Pratchett Reading Challenge for 2012! 

This challenge will provide us with the perfect motivation to continue our progress through the Discworld series.  The rules are pretty flexible so at this point we plan to commit to the five books listed below.  While this is only a fraction of the 40-ish Discworld novels published, it will boost our overall total to 9.  Yikes, we really do have a long way to go....  

  1. Reaper Man
  2. Wyrd Sisters
  3. Hogfather
  4. Men at Arms
  5. Soul Music

Good choices?  Or are there other Discworld novels we should move to the top?

Special thanks to Hannah over at Once Upon A Time for hosting this fantastic challenge!


  1. If you've not read it yet, then Moving pictures is my favourite of the series, Good luck with the challenge :)

  2. Hogfather is my favorite of the few I've read. I might have to do this one, so I can get in a few Discworld books next year.

  3. Mist,
    Thanks for the recommendations! My picks were pretty random, so I may need to Make some changes...

    Good to hear Hogfather is a solid choice!