Thursday, May 5, 2011

Other People's Heroes

Other People's HeroesOther People’s Heroes – Blake M. Petit
Evan’s ESS = 7 out of 10
Erin’s ESS = out of 10
Content = PG-13 (Adult Content, Violence, Language, Impressive Superpowers, Lengthy Fight Scenes)

“I don’t know what’s worse, your stupidity or your low opinion of me.”

Why:  The age old story... boy longs for superpowers.  Boy recognizes his dream.  Boy falls in love with super good looking, yet slightly insecure super-heroine.  Boy uncovers sinister plot.  Boy must make a cadence of decision that will have a profound influence on the fate of the entire world, all the while, indulging a journey of self discovery and trying not to get blown up by a deadly Teke-blast.

Josh Corwood has spent his entire life hero-worshiping his city’s superheroes.  In fact, he’s made a career of reporting and writing stories about them.  Then, one fateful day, after witnessing a battle between Dr. Noble and Miss Sinistah, Josh realizes he also possesses a few super skills (as an added bonus he doesn’t have to fall into an oversized vat of toxic ooze).  At once, the main character makes plans to integrate himself into the world of Superheroes and Super-villains.   Only then does he realize the world in which he has longed to become a part of, is not all that it seems.  In fact, it’s nothing like it seems and all too vulnerable to corruption and greed.  Will our young hero pull the curtain on the hoax?  Will he fight for justice and honor against a corrupt system?  Or will he lose his lower extremities and suffer the same fate as washed up superheroes of the past?  Sorry, you’re just going to have to read Other People’s Heroes to find out...      

Other People’s Hero’s has the distinct honor of standing as our first superhero related novel.  Fortunately, it did not disappoint.  From the beginning we were sucked into the fantastical world of superheroes and super-villains.  The text contains many unique personalities, yet there was a good balance of back-story while at the same time keeping the story moving forward.  It’s hard not to be intrigued with characters like Merlin Junior, the Conductor, Particle, Animan, the Goop, the Gunk, Justice Giant, and Herr Nemesis. 

Other People’s Heroes had a few minor flaws, yet none were significant enough to distract from the overall story.  The writing was simple (in a good way) and fun and we found ourselves laughing at more than one analogy.  The themes are what you’d expect from a comic book type novel – good vs. evil, power vs. submission, greed vs. selflessness, super-speed vs. super-strength – yet each topic was given interesting perspective.  For anyone looking to hero-up or for something different than the novel their currently reading (assuming they’re not reading something from the superhero genre), Other People’s Heroes will prove a worthy ally.  


  1. Hmm.. Interesting read. I have to admit there haven't been a whole lot of superheroes in my reading in, well, ever. This might be a good one to start with!

  2. Thanks a lot for the kind words, Evan. I'm really glad you enjoyed it!

  3. Yay! This one is coming up really quick on my list. I'm looking forward to reading it.