Monday, April 11, 2011

Book Blogging Videos (Best Books Debate)

We’re baaaaack!!!!

As we described last week, the rules are eerily simple: Participants should substitute one written book review every other week with a video review. Any genre is acceptable and frankly, as long as the video is related to bookish topics, we want to see it (reading off camera while your cat sits on the couch IS acceptable)!

We took a slight detour this week and instead of an official book review, we decided to debate our favorite books of all time.  Fortunately, no one’s feelings were here (too bad), although there was some off camera drama involving a really bad British accent... Just watch the clip!

Please enter the link to your Vlog in the below linky so we can visit your masterpiece!!!


  1. Thanks for inspiring me to post my own top five (+1) vlog... hope it helps take your blog to the next level.

  2. I will not read Pride and Prejudice. Not even with zombies.

    Matt Beers (

  3. I loved Shutter Island, I read it last year. I've read Gone With the Wind at least four times and loved it every time. Love Pride and Prejudice and I read that once a year. Loved To Kill a Mocking Bird also. Read Angus and it is funny, No Hobbit yet, no Shadow of the Wind yet, loved Harry Potter yes you guys are great. Winky? I dressed up like Mad Eye Moody, the kids were all students. Thanks