Wednesday, February 2, 2011

2011 Reading Challenge Update - January

January is officially in the books and despite our recent Netflix subscription; things are looking relatively bright on the literary challenge front.  We’ll admit, we stumbled a bit on Vanity Fair and were blindsided by a horrific plot turn in Jude the Obscure.  Still, Shutter Island was flippin awesome and The Hunger Games reminded us that a good YA novel can inspire a weekend of complete laziness!  A summary of our (Evan’s) progress is listed below.  All the gruesome details can be found by clicking the 2011 Challenges page.

Gothic Reading Challenge – 1 of 8

Back to the Classics – 1 of 8

2nds Challenge – 2 of 20

100+ Reading Challenge – 10 of 100

We’re certainly looking forward to February, although Atlas Shrugged, standing in at 1,300 plus pages, has us plenty intimidated. *Gulp* Chin up – bring on the challenge!

How’s everyone else doing on their reading challenges?


  1. I actually couldn't make it through Vanity Fair, sad to say. Glad you enjoyed hunger Games, though! Cool challenges. I can't handle more than one at a time. I'm impressed!

  2. I'm behind on some of my challenges, and I'm only involved in 5! I'm relieved that most of them are year-round or I'd never catch up.

  3. Oh, I can relate to your Netflix subscription. Haha. Sounds like you had a good month.

  4. This is too funny, I was just reading my end of the year review and I came across your post saying you'd not really ever kept track of how many books you've read each year. You'd also mentioned you'd set a goal for 100 books for 2011, but wasn't sure if it was going to be doable or not. You went on to say by February you'd have a better idea.

    So, I went to your blog today with this idea in mind. To see how things were progressing for you. Well, I'm happy to find you're doing WELL! congrats! with 10 books read for January you are above pace for your goal. Best of luck.

    I'm doing great too, though my goal is considerably smaller at only 36 books. I read 4 books for Jan. So I'm ahead of pace too. Plus I'm doing really well for my challenges too (but I only signed up for a couple).