Thursday, December 9, 2010

Skipping Christmas

Skipping Christmas
Skipping Christmas – John Grisham
Evan’s ESS = 8.75 out of 10
Erin’s ESS = 6 out of 10
Content = PG-13 (Adult Content, Holiday Indulgence, Snowman Imprisonment)

Why: Because at one time or another everyone’s secretly thought about trading all the Christmas consumerism for a nice relaxing Caribbean Cruise (with a stack of books of course).  And even if you haven’t, it still makes for an interesting premise for a book.

Skipping Christmas is about a bold couple who sets out to do just that.  Their plan is to use all the money saved on decorations, food, gifts, and parties to fund an elaborate 10 day cruise.  While the Kranks find their noble idea practical in the conception stage, things quickly unravel when their friends and neighbors get wind of the diabolical scheme.  Throughout their journey they are confronted by an angry Boy Scout troop, Fruitcake salesmen, and neighbors picketing for the liberation of outdoor Christmas decorations.

All in all, we found Skipping Christmas to be a lighthearted and fun holiday read.  You’ll quickly find yourself taking sides on whether or not the Kranks should go through with their boycott.  Everything is taken to the extreme and blown way out of proportion (maybe some symbolism here…), yet in the end the spirit of the holidays is not entirely forgotten.            

Our advice, wait for the next cold blustery December evening, pull a traditional sleeveless blanket around your shoulders, get frustrated, quickly steal your spouse’s Snuggie (the same one you gave her a hard time about last year), and enjoy this entertaining Christmas delight.
That reminds us…. We should probably go plug in the light display attached to the front of our house.  Time to go spread some Christmas commercialism cheer!!!

Editor’s Note:  The movie (Christmas with the Kranks) isn’t too bad either.  It took us a second viewing to get over our annoyance at the differences from the book, but Tim Allen is always a good laugh.  Plus, the performance from Jamie Lee Curtis’s is spot on.


  1. You reminded me of this one - I read it ages ago. I was surprised by it because it is such a different John Grisham book. You're right, it's a very light read, and a great Christmas theme. I think I'd have given it about 6 out of 10 too.

  2. I read this four years ago in one sitting while on a late November trip to Hawaii with The Husband. The sitting just happened to occur on a warm, sunny beach.

    Hence, this book evokes warm memories for me, both literally and figuratively.