Sunday, December 19, 2010


Inkheart (Inkheart, #1)Inkheart – Cornelia Funke
Evan’s ESS = 8 out of 10
Erin’s ESS = 4 out of 10
Content = PG (Adult Content, Human Violence, Book Violence)

Why: How can you not like a story where one of the secondary characters is a real life Bibliomaniac?  In addition, Elinor Loredan has one of the coolest home libraries in the history of fantasy literature. 

Inheart explores possibly the coolest superpowers anyone could ever have the joy of possessing - reading characters into real life.  Imagine for a second that you enjoyed a reading voice so powerful that whenever you read aloud, fictional characters would occasionally jump from the pages.  Pretty cool, huh?  Regrettably, like most wicked awesome talents, this one has plenty of drawbacks.  Not to mention that real life people can accidently be swept into books, the fictional characters who come to life aren’t necessarily fond of their new surroundings.  Oops.          

Cornelia Funke has written several great Young Adult fantasy novels, though in our mind, Inkheart is her best.  With characters like Dustfinger, Capricorn, and The Shadow; plenty of intrigue awaits.  And with any luck you’ll find yourself completely hooked and anxious to read the other two books in the series.  Until we here at Two Bibliomaniacs are able to complete our invasive read-a-loud study, it’s probably safest to keep quite while reading this one.  

Editor’s Note: Don’t bother renting this movie.  Your time would be much better spend pulling out your fingernails or eating a bucket of rusty nails.

Editor’s Note: Not surprisingly, the Two Bibliomaniacs are split on this one.  Due to this unfortunate fact, we’re inclined to offer the following disclaimer:  Fantasy haters be wary.

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  1. Wow. I would hate to see what Erin would rate her worst if her best is only a 4! You are definitely right about the movie though.

    What did you think of Dragon Rider? It is my favorite.