Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Christmas Carol: Read Along (Stave 3)

A Christmas Carol Welcome back, welcome back! Week three and we’re delighted to see only a few empty chairs this week. We’ll remind everyone that passing notes in class is not allowed and unless you want to share your message with the entire class, wait until after the final bell. Now, please get out your books and turn to Stave Three.

At some point, Stave 3 marks the halfway point of our journey through A Christmas Carol read-along hosted by
Dog-Eared & Bookmarked. What better way to mark this arbitrary milestone than with a giant, a smorgasbord of food, and more healthy self reflection. Without hesitation, and at Scrooge’s insistence, the Ghost of Christmas Present sets forth to teach his lesson. The mood throughout this Stave is somber and with the introduction of Bob Cratchit’s family the reader is able to experience a personal aside to Scrooge’s miserliness. Enter one of the most caring, selfless, and inspirational characters in all of literature: Tiny Tim. The scene at the Cratchit’s house is so powerful that it almost overshadows the second scene Scrooge witnesses at his own nephew’s house. While the message is different, the pill is just as difficult to swallow.

It was quite impressive to us how Dicken’s describes the atmosphere on the street as Scrooge and the ghost make their way towards the Cratchit residences. We continue to see the transformation happening in Scrooge, especially as his heart breaks for Tiny Tim. The ghost is relentless in his efforts and even re-quotes Scrooge at one of his most despicable moments in order to prove his point. And then at Fred’s house we see Scrooge desire companionship and game, which in many ways is his most profound change as of yet.

We are left at the end of Stave three with the approach of a hooded figure. The suspense has built to a crescendo and it will take every ounce of our will power to wait another week until we all meet again. Patience is a virtue we must employ… or so we’re told. Class dismissed.

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  1. Tensions definitely mounted with that hooded figure hovering over us (or Scrooge) Fantastic thoughts on this Stave! I hope you have a Merry Christmas!