Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Beach

The BeachThe Beach – Alex Garland
Evan’s ESS = 9 out of 10
Erin’s ESS = 7.5 out of 10
Content = NC-17 (Language, Violence, Adult Concepts, Drug Use, Overuse of Daffy Duck References)

Why:  What could be more noble that a quest for the perfect secluded beach?  Fine, there are probably a good number of things, but it’s got to be somewhere in the top twenty, right?  At any rate, what else could you expect from a book entitled: The Beach.

When Richard, a young English backpacker, stumbles upon a map detailing the location of a mythical Thailand beach, untouched by tourists, the search immediately becomes an obsession.  With the help of a couple from France,  the small group sets off and what they find will most certainly not be revealed on this blog.  What we CAN mention is that in The Beach you will discover some helpful tips in case you ever want to start your own self-sufficient, pseudo-dictatorship society on an idyllic beach.

While we don’t endorse most of the “leisure” activities that take place on or in route to the beach, this novel is completely different than almost every other novel you’ve read (unless of course you make a habit of reading cultish, counterculture, psychedelic dramas).  In the immortal Arby’s slogan, “now that your taste is grown up”… Oops… Sorry, wrong one, we meant to reference the one they used several years prior: “different is good”… 

Just read it!  But please do pay attention to the content rating on this one! 

Editor’s Note: Is anyone else suddenly in the mood for a roast beef sandwich smeared in Arby’s sauce? 

Another Editor’s Note:  Also, this movie adaptation is one reason we like Leo as an actor.  For some reason, he’s able to portray temporary brain dysfunction well …


  1. I agree with your comments about Leo's acting ability. Just a fortnight ago, my colleague and fellow blogger, Matt Beers, and I were discussing this very thing. While Leo has serious acting chops, I did not care for the movie, however. I should read this book.

  2. For the record, I really don't know what a "fortnight" is.

  3. Fair point, Eric. The main reason we enjoyed the movie was because it was very true to the book. That being said, the storyline is much more impressive on paper than on television.